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Join – Pickup the Ball

Who Joins Pickup the Ball?

If you are a young man in high school or older, Pickup the Ball may be for you. Young men that tend to get the most from our services are looking for more in their lives than they are getting now. Sometimes the lack of guidance, information, or a positive male role model in their lives create a void that we can help fill.

What Do We Do?

We meet on a weekly basis. Our meetings are typically:

1. A conversation among all present about a chosen topic or one that comes up during the meeting. We talk about life, confidence, travel, employment, relationships, and everything else you can think of. Sometimes we will have a guest that will have something particular to teach us, and other times we have a free-flowing conversation.

2. During each meeting, we have food. We believe in the model of a family sitting around the dinner table. It creates a casual environment where all members have a right to speak up.

3. After meetings, we typically go play basketball at a local court.

When possible, we also have opportunities to take trips or attend special events. There are also community service opportunities, employment opportunities, and opportunities to meet interesting and important people.

Where Do We Meet?

We meet at 3592 Broadway, Suite 130 in Fort Myers. We are less than a mile north of Edison Mall. Many of our members don’t drive, so we arrange transportation every week for those who can’t get there on their own. There will be occasions when we meet off-site for special programs, and you will be made aware of those. After meetings, we usually go to the STARS Complex to play pickup basketball.

When Do We Meet?

Currently, we meet every Monday at 6:30pm. We meet until about 8:30pm, and get to the STARS Complex about 8:45-9:00. We leave the court at 10:00, stopping for drinks on the way to cool you down. Members and parents should be aware that you may get home a little late on those evenings.

How Do I Join?

The process to join us is as follows:

1. Go here to fill out a simple registration form.

2. We will arrange to meet with you (and a parent if you are under 18) to makes sure you understand all expectations. We may discuss different levels of membership if you can’t make the commitment to be there every week.

3. You will be asked to join an app that we use to communicate.

Once you have completed those steps, you will be considered a member!

Why Would I Join?

Join if you want us to get to know you.

Join if you want to get to know us.

Join if you want us to challenge you and push you.

Join if you want us to look for ways to support your goals.

Join if you want to be treated with respect and without judgement.

Join if you want to get out of this what you are willing to put in.

Join if you want to learn, grow, and improve your current situation.