Ted Sottong did not grow up playing pickup basketball. In fact, he didn’t play basketball at all, other than shooting at the hoop his father had mounted in their carport in suburban Maryland. However, basketball would eventually change his life.

Ted Sottong graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture, and a Masters degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, also in Architecture.

This passion led him through a successful career and took him from Rockville, Maryland to Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, and eventually to Fort Myers, Florida. Along the way, he became a licensed architect, and was the architect of record for hundreds of projects, and the principal designer for many of those. Ultimately, Ted became the co-owner of a successful firm in Fort Myers.

Through a chance mentorship of a young man whose passion is basketball, Ted was introduced to the world of pickup basketball.  He quickly realized that there was something special about this activity.  Supporting the sport and its players seemed natural and urgent.  In the end, this became a calling in his life: to serve the young men and women who play pickup basketball. God brought basketball into his life, along with a deep respect for pickup basketball players.

After a nearly 3-year hiatus from architecture so that he could focus on Pickup the Ball, he is back working as an architect.  He continues to believe in the people and the community he serves, and seeks to fight social and economic inequity by initiating change both internal and external to the community. He sees pickup basketball players as leaders, and hopes to inspire them to take over Pickup the Ball as their own way of instigating change in their own community.