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What We Do


Pickup basketball provides opportunities for young men and women in communities of all types to build bonds and friendships and an identity among their peers. Pickup basketball has been accurately described as a subculture, it is one that is focused on fitness, competition, camaraderie and developing skills. Negative influences such as drugs, alcohol, and gang activity take a back seat to a competitive spirit where players want to stay healthy and clear headed to stay on top of their game.

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Pickup the Ball lets us as players know that we have a place in the community, and that our lives are worth investing in. The programs bring us thoughts and ideas we might not otherwise hear.

Mike Jackson

When I play basketball - which is a lot - I want to be as competitive as I can be. I know that getting involved in drugs and alcohol will take my edge off. And I need that edge on the court.

Sterling Carter

I love playing basketball. I would stay on the court and play all night if the lights stayed on.

Anonymous player

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